Welcome to the Cloud Force Collective

Our mission is to create a space in which members of the Salesforce Ohana can express and relish in this caring community.  We have come across so many people that have found a greater purpose within the Salesforce family.  Positive change is not only a guiding beacon but a powerful engine driving all of us toward a brighter world.  We hope those of you entering for the first time find the resources to grow as a a Salesforce Admin, or Developer, or Enthusiast, or as a better person all around.

We are Caring, Creative, Enthusiastic & Welcoming.

We Bring Knowledge, Levity, Support & Camaraderie.

Do you want to want to submit a blog post?  Do you have a great idea and need help piecing it together?  Do you want to participate in any of our ongoing projects?  We at the Cloud Force Collective want to help you build your thing.  Come to us with your ideas about Videos, Podcasts, Apps, Robots, Anything!